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In 2008 Ed’s life changed when he decided to combine his yearning to start his own business with his passion for boating and his extensive knowledge and experience in engineering and project management by starting a boat brokerage. It was as if he had spent the whole first half of his career preparing for this new role.

At first things were slow, but over time by way of hard work and his growing reputation of square dealing, the brokerage business grew and prospered. His technical and mechanical knowledge of yachts combined with his innate ability to understanding the customer in a yacht sale or purchase allowed him to put together solutions that others could not. He knew how to structure deals to help his customers reach their goals. His experience in electrical and mechanical systems along with his organization skills and project management experience allowed him to manage customer service needs better than the competition.

As Ed quickly gained sales expertise in yacht brokerage and new yacht sales, it became apparent that he was a natural. He seemed to know just what to do and how to put deals together.

Ed's growth strategy included a substantial investment for floor planning. Ed had been very conservative when building his business and had built up enough sweat-equity to be able to make this move without financing.

A big change came about when Ed concluded that to be able to become a strong factor with boat manufacturers, he needed to expand his market to the north eastern seaboard. He opened offices in Newport, Rhode Island and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and hired experienced, professional brokers to run them.

The key to his growth, that all his staff have bought into, is the dedication to customer service and satisfaction that goes far beyond the sale. He believes that what sets them apart is Fairbanks Yacht Group's ability to provide on-going service. Whether representing the customer in a yacht sale or purchase, Ed has build his business by making sure that any transaction is smooth and enjoyable - a hassle free experience.

Fairbanks Yacht Group continues to grow, make sales and prosper where others have not because they are truly dedicated to the best interests of their customers, and to making their customer’s boating activity a happy and carefree experience.


Email Ed at ed@fairbanksyachts.com for more information.

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