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Ed Fairbanks Bio

Ed Fairbanks

Ed Fairbanks, founder and owner of Fairbanks Yacht Group, grew up in East Lyme and attended UCONN where he earned a degree in electrical engineering (EE).

In his first life, he worked as an electrical engineer, working for such companies as Electric Boat Div of General Dynamics, Combustion Engineering, Dexter Non-Wovens and Ahlstrom Corp. He worked his way up from electrical designer to chief manager of engineering.

He mastered drawing and specification development; and coordinated industrial machine installation, startup and maintenance support, and various parts of construction. He was responsible for all scheduled maintenance.

As his career evolved, he was responsible for project management of increasingly larger projects, and worked with manufacturing and marketing to develop new processes to support customer orders. He was directly involved in the installation and successful implementation of complex manufacturing machines and controls. He also developed an extensive background in instrumentation, pressure, flow and temperature controls.

Ed didn’t know it at the time, but all of his acquired experience was preparing him for his future role of managing the sales and service of luxury yachts. His extensive background in project management from concept to commissioning, including operator and maintenance training, budget tracking, cost control and competitive bidding process, prepared him to successfully manage any marine project.

Ed has been involved in pleasure boating since 1976. He maintained and serviced his own boats, from small lake fishing boats, to high performance racing boats and performance cruisers, and was always a great resource to his boating friends. He understood the ins and outs of boat mechanical systems and knew how to fix most problems. Those he could not fix himself, he know where to go to get fixed; Because he was a boater, he understood what boaters wanted and needed.

In 2008 Ed’s life changed when he decided to combine his yearning to start his own business with his passion for boating and his extensive knowledge and experience in engineering and project management by starting a boat brokerage. It was as if he had spent the whole first half of his career preparing for this new role.

At first things were slow, but over time by way of hard work and his growing reputation for square dealing, the brokerage business grew and prospered. His technical and mechanical knowledge of yachts, combined with his innate ability to understanding the customer in a yacht sale or purchase, allowed him to put together solutions that others could not. He knew how to make deals that allowed his customers to reach their goals. His experience in electrical and mechanical systems along with his organization skills and project management experience allowed him to manage customer service needs better than the competition.

As Ed quickly gained sales expertise in yacht brokerage and new yacht sales, it became apparent that he was a natural. He seemed to know just what to do and how to put deals together.

His dedication to customer service and satisfaction goes far beyond the sale. He believes that what set him apart is Fairbanks Yacht Group's ability to provide on-going service. Whether representing the customer in a yacht sale or purchase, Ed has build his business by making sure that any transaction is smooth and enjoyable - a hassle free experience.

To work with Ed is to understand just how good he is at his job. To contact Ed and find out for yourself, call or email him at following address:

Ed Fairbanks
Fairbanks Yacht Group, LLC

Owner and Manager of Sales and Service
244 Maple Avenue -Old Saybrook, CT 06475
Officee (860) 795-0001
Cell (860) 575-7935
Toll free (877) 213-1055

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