Sometimes buying or selling a boat requires that the boat be moved. The obvious way to get your boat from point A to point B is to sail it. If you have the time, the equipment, the crew, the experience, the seasonal window and the inclination, then that’s the way to go. But what if you don’t have these things?

Trucking a boat is sometimes the best option for transport. It’s fast, scheduling is usually flexible, and the boat will be properly prepared. Whether your transport is trans-continental, or just a few hundred miles, trucking is sometimes the least expensive choice.

Fairbanks Yacht Group works with experienced, professional associates with the equipment, expertise and skilled drivers to transport nearly any size vessel virtually anywhere in the world professionally, promptly, and affordably. They are fully licensed and insured (proof of insurance provided upon request) and comply with all state and federal laws. We can make all of the necessary arrangements to move your boat at a competitive price, relieving you of the hassle.

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